Luiz Goodman


Pietro Whitewing Goodman Son’s.

Beguiler 5/ Mindbender 1/ ShadowCraft Mage 4

The game began with the young characters, 14 years old, going to the rite of passage.

After the rite, something happened in the world, and an ancient ancestor was able to open an opening in the world, and the game is basically the empire’s fight against the shadows. (But there is a lot of politics involved too).

My character is a beguiller.
During his rite of passage, he did not lose one side, he ended up suppressing the two, and then with the advancement of history, he managed to maximize the two sides much more than anyone maximizes one side. Things that happen at play are very cool.

Powers I gained from this
I have access to some spells, and 2 eidolons that represent my angel and demon sides, share life with me, and I can choose whether I leave them active or not. I can also wear them as a synthesist summoner. This is a very cool skill that I gained in the game, but I do not get much use out of it as a caster as the main class.
When I use an angel spell, I gain +6 on all attributes, until I use a demon spell.

History advances years. We get magical stones that are a kind of instrument of access to light, to fight with the shadows. Off game: Each stone of different powers. But basically they gave a gestalt class, and some specific incarnuns. The one I wore gave me a bard dervish of dawn, which made me particularly strong to fight mellee and continue being a caster, even more with the use of synthesized eidolons.

History advances. My character dies, but we end up releasing some gods (now there are several types of entities in the game). At last, we are level 6, and the released god was the merchant god, a very sinister goat.
God offers me my life back in exchange for the stone. Since we were in enemy territory (yes, the shadows also want those stones), I thought it was worth the bargain of the god, and I made a counterproposal. I would have to have my life back, and the means to fight against the shadows. He accepted.

Powers of God Merchant
I lost the gestalt. I gained access to all spells in the domain of Wealth, Trade, and Commerce, at will, with caster level 20, CHA nos saves and CA.

In the same session, an ancient ancestral queen who was also released, offered me power to avenge myself from the shadows. I accepted.

Powers of the Queen
I gained +10 on all attributes
all the skills of the Ravager class (up to level 10), but not in a gestalt way, I do not have the life data or class saves. Besides, this class seems very bad to me.
Regeneration 1 / Light or Shadow (Sacred and profane from the scenario)


Luiz Goodman

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